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Soil Foodweb Workshop students
Soil Foodweb Workshops microscopes

This is a practical foodweb workshop to supply the participants with the skills to conduct qualitative assessments on their compost teas or compost inoculum.

It includes training on how to use your small microscope and recognition of the following groups of organisms: bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. Attendees are supplied with a manual describing in detail the workings of their microscope, colour prints of microbes and qualitative assessment template/sheets.

The day course is primarily aimed at first time users; farmers making their own compost inoculums or teas, and input suppliers producing inoculum on a commercial scale.

Enquire at the lab for costs.

What to bring

As the foodweb workshop training is quite intensive and hands on, each student must supply their own microscope with the following specifications:

  • 3 objectives (4x, 10x, 40x magnification) Many microscopes also have 100x objectives
  • Binocular is recommended. (2 10x eyepieces
  • Its own light source and adjustable light condenser
  • Fine and course focus ability
  • Fully mechanical stage
  • Some microscopes interface with computer and/or cameras

These microscopes are easily obtainable in NZ and range in cost from $750.00 on wards.

To enrol

For information/contact details on microscope suppliers and up and coming foodweb workshop training days contact Soil Foodweb NZ – 07 863 8556 or email us here.

Workshops and Presentations to
Farmer and Industry Groups

Soil Foodweb practical group training presentation

Our tutor, Cherryle Prew has had 30 years experience in the biological production methods and has practical ‘hands-on’ experience for agriculture and horticulture systems in New Zealand.

Her teaching method is informal and interactive, with a strong focus on encouraging a sustainable conversion to biological practices. Her mission is that the farmer-grower moves into the new biological regime allowing their soil and systems to progress at the same rate as their mind set and confidence levels.

To enrol

If you are interested in having a Soil Foodweb training session presented to your group or workshop please phone the Soil Foodweb Laboratory Phone 07 863 8556 or email us here.

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